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輔仁大學博物館學研究所執行文化部 110 -111 年跨年度人才培育計畫,以「博物館變革力與堅韌性」為主題,探討博物館如何在四種能力:組織發展(領導力)、展覽(策展力)、公共服務(參與力)、資源開發(整合力)的作用下,發揮變革力與堅韌性。不僅回應大環境的變遷,也促進社會正向變革。


The Graduate Institute of Museum Studies of Fu Jen Catholic University has been awarded a grant from the Ministry of Culture to organize the “2021-2022 Talent Development Programme for Museum Professionals“.

The main theme of this year’s program is Museums : Adaptability and Resilience. It will explore how museums respond to and persevere in the fast-changing world by tapping into four dimensions of professional competence : leadership, curation, engagement, and integration. The goal is to prepare museums for the ever-changing environment in which they operate, while creating positive effects of social change. 

We plan to organize lectures, workshop, conference and official website for sharing the article of our topic to facilitate the exchange of experiences and ideas.

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